Saturday, April 23, 2011

A disaster of magnificent proportion (or so much to sew, so little time...)

Okay, some time back at the end of the last event season, my dutiful husband thought to show his love and affection by washing our event clothes. Sweet, right? Until he switched loads, and then came upstairs to tell me, "Umm... so there was a little bit of a problem..."

He had basically washed everything that would fit into one load (thinking to economize on water/detergent/energy, I understand this since I am constantly reminding him to only run full loads on regular laundry to be a good environmental steward) and happened to put my brand new red wool riding habit, his brand new black wool sleeved waistcoat, my fine bleached linen apron, etc. all in the hot/cold setting (well, they were pretty dirty, he says.)

So, after a lovely cycle in the wash the red and black wool bled over everything, making my linen apron tie dye (not to mention the shifts, shirts, and underpetticoats in there!) and shrunk to high heaven, leaving us with very few items left unscathed.

I cried. I didn't mean to, but I couldn't help it. Apart from stockings and shoes I have made every single historical garment that we own and while I machine many seams, the hand sewing time from finishing alone made me weep. Now, I knew in November that I would need to replace each item by April 30th. However, I teach during the year and time is scarce.

April 30th is fast approaching, and I have been sewing like a madwoman, but I still feel like I'm so behind schedule. I've finished a serviceable apron, a false rump, an almost finished apron, one and a half shifts, half a quilted underpetticoat, and the channels on 2/3rds of my stays so far.

I have gotten cut and ready to sew: one man's shirt, one boy's shirt, three wool petticoats, and one girl's shift.

I have fabric washed and ironed for: one linen petticoat, one linen gown, one linen jacket, and two caps.

I have fabric bought and waiting for: one linen petticoat, one linen bed jacket, one shift, two pairs of boy's fall front breeches, one pair cream wool man's fall front breeches, one hunter green waistcoat, one chocolate brown man's frock coat, and Good Lord, please let me now be forgetting anything.

All to be done (we hope) by April 30th. This isn't all for me, mind you. I'm sewing for myself, my husband, my sister, and two friends and their two chidlren. I obviously won't be able to post pics until after next weekend, but I hope to update when I'm taking a break (such as now) from my forced slave labor. =)

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