Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The White Period Dress at the Museum

So, Alix and I went to the museum Saturday for a lovely day of volunteering at the Mansion. Our morning was a little slow on tours, so when we had an empty tour slot we went outside to get a photo of the dress in use =)

It was very comfy to wear, and we really liked that we were representing two very different, but common, styles of the period (Alix in a shirtwaist and skirt, myself in a day gown). We had a lot of compliments from patrons on the clothing, which was cool. We also has some cool new toys to play with in the Mansion, which I think gave us a whole new level to add to the tour, since now there were things people could actually hold/touch.

After the tour day was over, we visited our good friends at Spring Valley Lodges on our way home to peek at a few treadle machines Jim had. Overall, a good day.

The White Period Dress on the side porch of the Mansion.
 It was a beautifully sunny morning!

Trying to look stern like a Victorian. Didn't work =/

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