Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ahhh.... the end of the school year, the beginnings of the hoop skirt...

So, next week is the last few days of our school year, meaning I will have a little more free time on my hands to sew =)  The materials came in today for my 1856 walking cage crinoline (I'm using TV142 as the base). I've already decided to make some minor alterations because a) school isn't over yet- so I'm still slightly crunched for time, but want to start making it now since everything is here! and b) I'm lazy right now and feel like taking shortcuts.

So deal.

Anyway, I've got the hoop boning in, the hoop casing, and the fabric ready to go. I've cut the bone casing (took about five min.), and just need to cut the twill tape verticle strips and the bottom bag and waistband and then we are ready to go. I'm trying to time myself on this to see how many hours I'll need to add in when I make these for the business. I'm hoping not a ton, since the cost of materials alone (if you get good stuff) is fairly high. But, I refuse to go the "four bone Civil War hoop skirt" route. I want a nice, well shaped hoop that will look elegant and authentic. I refuse to make the same obvious mistakes with new time period that I did when I was a noob to the 18th century. I have lived, learned, and hopefully can now apply it...

P.S. Pictures coming soon!

P.P.S. Should also have updates on stomacher front stays and our other pieces from the 18th century kit soon with pictures also! Yay summer!

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