Sunday, January 25, 2015

Living History 101 at Military History Fest

I've been quiet on the blog the last few weeks, but I've got quite a bit going on outside of the blog that's taking up my blogging time. Apart from work being crazy (our library is finally open! Hooray!) and starting my 1830/40s wardrobe, I'm preparing to give a presentation at an indoor event this coming weekend. The event information is here if you're interested in checking it out. (Maybe you want to come to my presentation so I have an audience! 10am Saturday- 1/31. Be there, eh?)

I'm presenting a discussion on the basics of getting started in living history. The goal of the talk is to help the newcomer to the hobby or the veteran starting a new time period figure out where to start the fairly large undertaking of beginning living history. Because let's face it: it's not always easy and so many of us made so many expensive missteps along the way.

It's our hope (I am thankful to have the support and experience of a few other hobby members to make this presentation happen) that the information we present will be meaningful and helpful to our audience. We know we're probably not going to get to cover every single thing, but we do hope to cover the big things and the basics to get people off to a good start (and hopefully help prevent them from stumbling into some of those same missteps we did when we took our first teetering steps forward.)

Here's hoping it is well received and we have a good weekend. I always look forward to a fun weekend of hanging out with my friends from all sorts of time periods. I'll try to take lots of pictures so I can report back next Sunday. I plan on debuting my finally finished Italian gown Saturday morning and want to finally get some nice pictures of it.

Until then, I tide you over with a recent photo of #Devilcat (a.k.a. Stanley.)

He likes it better when I stay home,
so sleeps on my clothes to prevent me from

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