Thursday, January 1, 2015

"The Object of the New Year..." or 2014 in Review and 2015 in Hopefullness not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.

While 2014 has had its challenges and set backs, it has also had its beautiful moments and encouragements. It was a year like so many others, with its firsts and lasts, its pros and cons. I am proud of the fact that I had twice as many posts as I did the year before. I may not post ultra regularly, but it is a habit which I am making more habitual. 

I'm not really one for resolutions, but the new year does provide a rather convenient time to think about potential opportunities for improvement and positive change. It's also a nice time to look to what is ahead (or what could be ahead, if you want it to be.)  

For my own part, I am excited for so many good things ahead which seem to be coming to fruition in 2015. After being closed for near half of the school year for sorely needed renovations, my library has its grand re-opening next Monday. While it made it unmanageable for my husband and I to attend New Orleans or Waterloo this year, my graduate school program will be wrapping up soon (pending my decision as to which certificates I want to pursue) and my husband has declared a major of study in which he is very happy. 

Sewing wise, my historical arena is being broadened as I tackle two new eras in clothing this year.(Yikes! In conjunction with all of my other sewing for the 18th century, now I'm adding 16th century for my high school's madrigal program and 1830s/40s for a local historical site!) So much sewing in my future. 

I'm also doing some things for myself this year. I want to be better about holding myself accountable and (as cheesy as it sounds) being more like Christ. I want to be able to speak truth but with more grace. I want to cultivate humility.

I also have a list a mile high of projects for this year. I know I probably won't get them all done, but I also know that lists help me organize myself and give me a record of what my ideal outcome would be. I'd also like to participate as much as possible in the Dreamstress' Historical Sew Monthly. My goal? Probably to get half of these actually finished. So here are some things you might see from me in 2015:

     ~ [Finally finished] Italian Gown
     ~ Duchess of Gordon Polonaise
     ~ New Small Clothes for the Nate
     ~ New Regimental for Nate's 18 c. 4th Foot grenadier uniform (HSM April)
     ~ 1840s undergarments (corset, corded petticoat, shift) (HSM June)
     ~ 1780s stays (new pair)
     ~ 1760s stays (new pair) (HSM January) 
     ~ 16th century kirtle and smock (still need to determine decade)
     ~ Nate's 18th c. sailor getup 
     ~ Baby clothes for Cora (my new niece! She's super cute!) 
     ~ 18th c caps (HSM March)
     ~ Wider range of 18th c. hair rollers/pads (HSM March)
     ~ 18th c Mitts for summer and winter (HSM July)
     ~ Finish 18th c ruffled apron (HSM July)
     ~ Finish 18th c ruffled petticoat to go with Italian gown

Other stuff may pop up, too, but I'm really hoping to start knocking some of these things off of my list before adding too much more. A girl can dream, eh?

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