Sunday, February 22, 2015

Military History Fest- Review

About three weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Military History Fest as a speaker presenting on entering the hobby of living history. With the help of two very good friends, the presentation went really well and it was exciting to see the number of attendees who were first period living historians seeking help getting started.

Me. Talking. Kind of like every candid picture
of me ever. At least my hands are kind of

Of course, no Military History Fest is complete without shopping, friends, and fun at the ball (of which there was plenty). Once the school year starts, I kind of end up in my own little introvert cave of exhaustion, so it was very nice to connect with friends that I haven't gotten to see in awhile. Not only was Alicia of LBCC there, but so was Julie from The Fat Reenactress (who totally rocked a sweet nineteen-teens era ensemble at the ball.)

I was also super excited this year because Alix was able to come and she brought baby Cora with her. It was Cora's first event, and she definitely stole the show by being her cute little baby self! They didn't get to stay for the ball, but we had a blast hanging out while we could.
She's the cutest thing. Ever. Seriously. 
I picked up quite a bit of goodies- including some striped cotton for Regency and some awesome silk taffeta for I don't know what yet.

I really like shopping the Vogue selection at MHF. 
On the upside, I was able to wear my "bib front" gown from a previous B&T workshop for the ball Saturday night. I even wore some vintage kid opera gloves and a shawl, but only got pictures of the gown before the ball while we were in the hotel room. I forgot to grab my phone to take snapshots during the event itself.

Nat said I looked grumpy in this one
but I was trying for the gentle smile. 
The required selfie. Because. =)

Apart from getting snowed in on Sunday (from the big blizzard that hit late Saturday night through Monday in the early hours), it was a very good weekend. Even the blizzard wasn't that bad. We were able to hunker down at friend's house nearby and stay off of the roads (many of which were closed, anyhow.)

Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of the dancing (which is probably for the best), but I do have a picture of our car in the snow.

It was pretty crazy out there. 
Most importantly, we made it home safely (albeit a day later than planned). School was cancelled for that Monday, so that was a boon. And we had a blast. For what more can a girl ask?

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