Monday, February 17, 2014

HSF '14: Challenge #3- Pink ( or at least Pink-ish)

I've been doing so well with the HSF this year. I've been finishing on time, able to hand sew, etc. It's been great at keeping me motivated. Then I hit the Pink challenge. The challenge where BAM- it all comes crashing down. First, I don't really have any pink fabric in the stash that is ready to grow up into something I need at the moment, and I can't even really think of anything I'd need/use in the color pink right now.

Do I just skip this challenge and break my ultra awesome two challenge streak (and potentially lose my motivation while we're at?) NO WAY.

Instead, while it's not necessarily pink in the strictest terms I've decided it will keep me in the spirit of the HSF (which is to keep sewing!) and it's close enough that I'm not going to sweat it. Plus, for some reason I'm on a petticoat kick at the moment. 

Second- I'm a day late with this challenge. But not by choice. Earlier this week I hit myself in the eye with a key on a retractable fob at work (being a librarian can be dangerous work!). My eye was sore, so I took a day off of sewing. Then, on Friday,  it started to look all swollen. Of course, I knew it would go away if I just slept on it. When I woke up Saturday morning and could barely see the loving husband said it was time to seek medical attention. 

The experience at the Dr.  Can be summed up by him looking into my dye injected eye with the brightest light on Earth saying, "Oh wow, that is bad." 

Anyhow- 18 hours of temporary blindness and six doses of special sauce eye drops later and my eye (while still somewhat swollen) actually functions enough for me to finish the waistband on my pink-esque petticoat. 

Here are the stats:

The Challenge:  Pink
Fabric:    2 yds russety pink-esque light weight linen from my stash. It's been aging about a year.
Pattern:   None. Just my standard 18th century petticoat petticoat instruction.
Year:    General 18th century.
Notions:       3/4" linen tape, linen thread
How historically accurate is it?  As accurate as possible (at this time). The petticoat is entirely hand sew to the most current 18th century petticoat standards. I used linen tapes to attach at the waist as the waistband, and there is a very narrow turned hem. 

Hours to complete:   4ish. I was really awful about not clocking the hours on this petticoat as I have honestly just been carrying it around with me to work on for ten minutes in a waiting room here, five minutes in the car there, etc.
First worn:   TBD. It may potentially make a day trip appearance in April. Still, it's nice to have it finished. 
Total cost:  $0.00. Everything was already in my stash. Fabric was purchased last year sometime at the Textile Warehouse in Chicago (maybe $18 total?). The linen tape I purchase by the roll to have around when needed, but probably $8 ish in tape.

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