Saturday, February 8, 2014

Coming Soon: Fitting and Proper

I know this is post numero two for today, but I can't help it! This month is just shaping up to be one of my best book months ever! If you happened to notice my post about Wearable Prints earlier this week, you know how excited I was for that.

Today, I have even more awesome clothing related book news: Sharon Ann Burnston's Fitting and Proper is getting reprinted!

If you've missed out on the opportunity to own this book because of the outrageously high resale value of the OOP copies, don't miss out on getting it the second time around.

B&T posted on facebook today that they will have the book the minute it's off the press. I wish I could pre-order some for me (and my friends.) =P

Well, back to I mean sewing.

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