Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Event Review: Military History Fest 2014

Well, Military History Fest has come and gone. I was able to finish the yellow strip'd gown to the "it's wearable, but not yet finished" phase and decided to leave off finishing the rusty red orange petticoat for another day. 

Here she is: the yellow strip'd gown. I'd still like to add
cuffs and rework the bodice front. I had a lot of overlap at
the waist and barely enough at the bust. eek!

View of the back. My apron was tied around the outside of the gown
in this photo, but had been beneath for most of the day.

I had some fun fabric shopping (I was able to pick up some nice silk taffeta from Vogue fabrics- maybe for another short sacque?) and picked up a cap and some books while we were at it. I have to admit that I was fairly nervous about the roundtable discussion, but it ended up being pretty cool, I think. Hopefully I didn't talk too much as I tend to do when I'm nervous. =/  I thought the topics chosen by our Lead Moderator were wonderful, and while I was a little disappointed when we weren't able to get through all of them in the time we had I thought that the in depth of the discussion on the topics we were able to touch on was well worth the time.

Overall, my favorite part of the weekend was meeting so many amazing folks for the first time and getting to spend quality time with some of our dearly missed friends. 

The most important thing is that I left the weekend feeling full of ideas and inspired for what to do next. I'm also even more excited for my B&T workshops coming up this spring.

So let's do this world!  



  1. Lovely new gown, and I especially like the pink neckerchief against the yellow. So pretty!

    What workshops are you doing? I really, really, really wanted to do all three, but couldn't manage it this time around - had to make a choice between the conference and workshops, alas! I'll miss seeing you, but I hope you have a splendid time! :-) Looking forward to a recap here!

    1. Thank you! The yellow gown is growing on me. I really wasn't thrilled with it at first- but I'm actually more pleased with it now.

      I so wanted to do the conference, but was unable to make it happen with my work schedule. I'm consoling myself with all three workshops. I'm bummed I won't see you but super excited for you to go to the conference!

      I'll recap workshops if you recap conference! =D


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