Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Military History Fest '14

After having the chance to speak at Tinker Swiss Cottage last week on Victorian Undies and my experiences wearing them, I'm back to the 18th century in preparation for Military History Fest 2014!

I am trying to get my yellow strip'd gown finished for the event, along with a russet petticoat. My gown is done but for sewing on the sleeves (and I'd like to add a cuff at some point). My petticoat is hemmed and waiting to be pleated to a tape- which I think I can get one, if not both of those things finished tonight.

I'm always excited for pre-season events like these. They get my butt in gear early in the year so that I don't slack as much on my sewing. Especially important not to slack now that I'm trying to do everything by hand. I'm a little nervous for this year's event, however, as I was asked by one of my friends to co-moderate a round table discussion on women in living history. I'll be one of a group of women moderating the discussion, so it seems like it'll be a pretty cool experience.

As always, I'm excited for the ball on Saturday night. It's always a highlight of our time at MHF.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures while we're there and try to update when we get back. Until then! =)

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