Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HSF '14: Challenge #1- Make Do and Mend (or six inches too short...)

Awhile back (a long while) I decided it would be nice to have a substitute for a quilted petticoat. Without having the time (or talent, at that point) to make one, I went with the alternative of a matelasse (loom quilted cotton) under-petticoat instead.

My first wearing of said petticoat was at a summer event. A very hot summer event. To my horror, at first I cut it much too long. While sweating my life away, I made the impetuous decision to cut the petticoat (while I was wearing it, of course!) shorter so that I would be less hot and fix the length all at the same time.

Poor. Choice.

What ended up happening was I cut way too much off of the hem and ended up with a petticoat that hit just below my knees. Insert sad face here.

While at my last B&T workshop, Angela suggested I could salvage it somewhat by adding a band of printed fabric around the bottom. In Fitting and Proper, I believe there is an example of a linen petticoat with a printed linen band around the bottom. So, applying this concept to my petticoat, I got a lovely piece of the new B&T fabric in the style of some examples from The Foundling Hospital Billets and went to stitching.  Here's what I ended up with:

Finished Petticoat. I love the print on the bottom. You can see how short I actually cut it. EEK!

Close up  of the print and the attachment area.

The Challenge:  Make Do and Mend
Fabric: Cotton print / cotton matelasse 
Pattern: Just the basic petticoat pattern. No official pattern, per say.
Year: 1770-80
Notions:  Linen thread
How historically accurate is it?
While I couldn't find a matelasse petticoat with a printed cotton bind, there is reference to the linen petticoat with a printed linen band in Fitting and Proper, as well as a number of plain matelasse petticoats with heavily embroidered bottom portions that are similar in overall appearance to mine. Overall, this was a decision to make this petticoat workable until I am able to make a new one. It's strictly an under petticoat, so chances of anyone seeing it are slim to none, but at least it's the appropriate length and anything that peaks out is an appropriate (and cute!) print. The added portion was completely sewn by hand in linen thread.
Hours to complete:  About 2.
First worn: Timeline Trading Day at Midway Village Museum. January 18th, 2014. (My birthday!)
Total cost: About $10

Stay tuned for more adventures in matelasse petticoats for Challenge #2: Innovation =)

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  1. Good rescue! And haven't we all had those moments when we tried to 'fix' something out of desperation and just made things much worse :-p


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