Thursday, June 5, 2014

All's Fair: LBCC A Fine Burn Salve

Last Saturday I was honored to attend a graduation party for a former student. As it was in the high 80s I wore an appropriate sundress to keep cool, since most of these parties are outside. It was also fabulously sunny out; While I remembered my sunglasses, I definitely forgot the sunblock. My fair Irish complexion, needless to say, was more than a little displeased at this breech in conduct and made its disgruntlement known.

While luckily not a disabling burn,
it definitely was enough to hurt!
About an hour after I returned home, the pain set in and I knew I would have to act quickly if I didn't want this to end badly. That's when I remembered I had picked up some Burn Salve for just such an occasion! I decided since my shoulders were pretty equally burnt that I would treat one shoulder with plain old aloe vera and treat the other with the burn salve. 

Cost: $10.00
Product Description: From Etsy:
1oz tin
Lavender, Tea Tree oil, Calendula and Aloe

Great for kids and keeping in your camp and around the fire.

...All natural products will help heal and soothe your burns ...Use this lovely salve on your skin when you get burnt, either from the hot sun, cooking fire, or for those scrapes and cuts that all kids get. This recipe is a combo of various historical recipes I have been collecting over the years. It comes in 1 oz tins. ...This Historical Salve has Calendula and Lavender, which not only is an antiseptic, but it will help PREVENT Scarring. In addition, this salve will help heal not only burns, but skin irritations and other conditions including wounds, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, abrasions, cuts, inflammations. It is suitable for the sensitive of skin.

Uses: Sunburns, burns, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, abrasions, cuts, inflammations.

Pros: It actually treated the pain of the sunburn much better than the aloe vera and had some pretty immediate results. It lasted longer between applications so I didn't have to apply as many times. This was nice because by Day 2 I was back to work and didn't have time to stop and reapply AV every hour. It also helped the burn heal more quickly and abated the reddening of the burn area much faster. In fact, even now after five days the AV side still has a pinkish tinge that the salve side does not.

Cons: I need something better to call the "con" section, because this isn't really a con but something to keep in mind. The aloe vera soaks into your skin after a bit and "dries" if you will. The burn salve takes much longer to do this. You rub it in, but it leaves more of a coating on your skin than the aloe vera does. I find this makes my skin feel less dry and itchy, but is something to bear in mind when choosing your clothes.

How well does it work: Pretty darn well. See pics and comments below: (In case you are wondering, YES- I am wearing tube tops in these pics- just cropped it out so the different colors wouldn't throw the photos too much! I also tried to be careful of lighting, but Day 4 had a bad storm so I  had to turn on the artificial ones so it's a touch yellow.)

1 day after burn. Left side (of photo) treated with Aloe Vera
right side with burn salve. You can see the right side is already
slightly less red than the left.

Day 2. Left side (of photo) treated with Aloe Veraright side with burn salve. Right side is lightening up.

Day 3. Left side (of photo) treated with Aloe Veraright side with burn salve. Left side is still pretty red.
Right side is even lighter.

Day 4- Left side (of photo) treated with Aloe Vera
right side with burn salve.Note the obvious difference between the left and right
in this pic. It's even more pronounced in person.
Today would be Day 5- and I forgot to take a picture this morning because honestly, this is the first day the Aloe Vera side hasn't hurt. The Salve Side quit hurting after less than a day. By day two I was almost ready to give up on the experiment and put the salve on both sides... but for science I persevered! I haven't started peeling on either side yet, but I will update with photos if I do.

Modern Counterpart: I guess aloe vera or an after sun treatment. I've also used vinegar on a sunburn to remove the sting of the burn with much success. I could see myself using the vinegar first and then applying the salve.

Recommended for: Everyone. It is safe for children, convenient to carry, and a little bit goes a very long way.

In Conclusion: While this particular product is not a recreation of a single, specific historical receipt, it is based on a number of historical receipts that Alicia (owner of LBCC) has been collecting for some time and is made in the historical manner. This means that this is one of the few products from LBCC that doesn't have an exacting provenance but is based on research into a quantity of similar historical receipts and practices. I will definitely use it again and am actually thinking of getting some for my fairer friends who may get a bit sun kissed this summer. It might be a touch more expensive than AV alone, however, the fact that it lasts longer and (more importantly) treats the pain better makes it worth it in my book.

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