Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HSF Challenge #5: Bodice (or my first try at draping a caraco jacket)

Another unconventional challenge entry for me this go 'round. I just haven't had a lot of time for sewing for myself lately. That's okay- things come is seasons and sometimes I get to sew a lot for myself (okay, well, it has happened before at least!) and other times I do a lot of work for friends. Lately I've been putting my B&T workshops to use by draping/drafting for friends.

Anyone who knows me through living history probably knows that I'm trying to set some pretty high standards for myself. I don't always make it, but I'd really like to be the best living historian possible. That doesn't mean that expect everyone else to adopt my goals and standards. (We can still be friends if your petticoat is not 100% hand sewn.)

However, I am more than happy to help when a friend is ready to go that extra step towards authenticity and wants to make the plunge into 18th c. territory. Because of this, I was so happy to help when my friend K needed an assist draping a jacket from an original of which she had photographs. K is so well researched, and is a phenomenal mentor to others in living history and I was honored to be able to try to help out (because we all know how easy it is to drape on ourselves!) This was my first time draping to try to re-create a specific original, but it was a good experience and I hope it turns out well when we finish. =) Enjoy!

We only draped the bodice portion, even though the
has the bodice and skirt cut in one. K wasn't sure how much
fullness for the skirt of the jacket so she'll piece it in on the
muslin to test it out before cutting the final fabric in one.
P.S. please excuse the badly drawn lines on the back-
you couldn't see the pencil lines in the picture so I
had to draw them in with photoshop =P

The Challenge:  Bodice
Fabric: Old bed sheet
Pattern: None. Draping to match look of original.
Year: 1770's
Notions: NA
How historically accurate is it?  To the best of our ability, it's as accurate as we can make it. K portrays a French woman, so I'm draping more to what she wants than anything. My classes have all been centered around English fashion so the French is a little more foreign to me.
Hours to complete: 1hr?
First worn: Not yet. K is taking the shapes that I draped and going home to put them together. Then we'll set sleeves when we see each other at an early event for our unit. =)
Total cost:  $0  I will say that while I went into this just to help out a friend, said friend is a lace-maker and has hinted that some lace may be in my future. How cool!

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