Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bad, bad blogger...

I admit it freely- If I were an 18th century diarist I would be a historian's nightmare. Sporadic writings, long periods of nothing at all... this is how I blog, as well. I mean to be better about it, but then I'm not. I have come to accept that I will probably never be a blogger that updates on a consistent weekly (or even monthly basis) and that's ok!

This summer, I took on a new position in my professional career. I transitioned from being a high school English teacher to becoming my high school's librarian. This means a couple of things for me: No more grading essays until 3 a.m. (hooray!) and I will need to go back to school for some master's classes in Library Media Science (also kind of cool).

While this is rather a busy time for me, I have to say that I feel somewhat energized and motivated with the change, and it is bleeding over into other aspects of my life (like my historical sewing and research). Thus, I am hoping some of that motivation will carry into my blogging.

Time will tell, dearest reader, but I hope you'll hear more from me to come.

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